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New York based Diane Marketta is truly a rare voice over talent. Her knowledge of how the voice works and her skills to produce such a wide range of vocal colors makes her an incredible voice technician.

Upon receiving her BFA from NYU in 1987, Diane has consistently shared her vocal talent through adult and children's musical recordings, TV and radio commercials, corporate presentations and audio book recordings worldwide.

Diane can provide a quick turnaround from her home studio but as a people person she is quite happy and willing to record on location as well. 

Whether the mood is serious or comical, Diane Marketta will get your audience to listen. She is energetic, innovative, versatile, highly experienced and available for all

your voice over projects.

Bonus info:  Diane is also a highly sought after vocal coach, an author, a mother of 3, a baker, a yogi, a runner and lover of travel!

"Diane Marketta is one of the most well-rounded, talented voice over artists with whom I have worked.  Whether it be commercials, promos, narrations or audio books, Diane's warm, friendly voice brings the copy to life and her expert vocal skills also give her the ability to create astonishing original characters.  Because of her versatility and professionalism, I would highly recommend Diane for all your voice over projects.  She's an absolute pleasure to work with and you will always be guaranteed a first rate performance."

-Chuck McKibben, Voiceover Island

"As a sound engineer of  30+ years, I've had the great opportunity to work with Diane Marketta on many different projects.  I am always impressed with the immense range of her talent.  She's a superb speaker, singer and actor - everything you would look for in an accomplished voice over artist.  Knowing how to use your voice is just one important skill in the VO business, being able to take direction is even more important.  She is absolutely masterful at taking a client's ideas and turning them into the exact vocal product the client envisioned.  She consistently demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and reliability.  Diane is upbeat, fun and always welcome in my studio."

-Tom Schizzano, Landford Productions

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